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Ref. No. : RMS – 130 - Seller of NYLON - Stanyl PA46

  Seller Spectrum Enterprises


NYLON - (Virgin)

  Trade Name

Stanyl PA46


Electronic applications




Stanyl PA46 (High Performance Polyamide):
DSM is the worlds sole supplier of Stanyl polyamide 46. This high performance engineering plastic has excellent mechanical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures up to 290 Degree C. Stanyls high speed of crystallization results in shorter cycle times. Processing is economical, safe and convenient, thanks to water heated moulds. Stanyl offers important advantages such as cost reduction, longer lifetime and reliability. It bridges the gap between conventional engineering plastics such as PA6, PA66 and Polyesters, and exotic materials such as LCP, Polysulphones and PEEK. Apart from usage in many demanding electronic applications, Stanyl has been successfully used as an excellent wear and friction resistant material replacing many other materials including metal in the automotive industry.
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