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Ref. No. : RMS – 29 - Seller of ABS

  Seller Padmini Petroplast Pvt. Ltd.


ABS - (Virgin)


Automotive, Irrigation, Luggage, Appliances and Medical industry.




As required


The ABS Terluran (High Heat & Impact) speciality grades are consistently showing growth in both injection molding and extrusion sectors too.
In its 'Plastics Plus' speciality product range, it offers innovative blends like: PA ABS, ASA, MABS to suit various applications of Automotive, Irrigation, Luggage, Appliances & Medical industry.

Needless to mention, BASF offers consistent shade, processing ease, Paint ability features, Reliability Statutory Approvals, strong technical partnership with customer which are creating new markets.

Products at a glance:
ABS - Terluran (General Purpose and Speciality)
MABS - Terlux (Transparent ABS)
PA ABS - Terblend
ASA - Luran S

BASF is the largest chemical company in the world and is one of the leading producers of Styrenics worldwide. BASF offers a vast product line starting from commodity polymers to engineering plastics, available in consistent natural shades and limited standard colors for large quantities. BASF products assure the stable quality, shades consistency and is widely used among OEMs and part suppliers.
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