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  Seller Kadakia Plastics & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


PVC - (Virgin)


Moulding and Extrusion




Flexible PVC Compounds for Wire and Cable:
Kadakia Plastics is a leading PVC cable compound manufacturer since 1973. Today we supply hundreds of specialty products for extrusion, molding and other processes. Our compounds are available in both, natural and precolored form as per customer requirements.

KPC offers the widest variety of PVC compounds to suit every segment of the wire and cable industry ranging from standard insulation and jacketing compounds to specialty applications.
Our products are manufactured to meet several different standards across the world such as IS, BS, VDE, CEI, UL, and IEC. We can also formulate for any given specs to meet our customer requirements. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs in any of these applications.

- House wire
- Flexible cords
- LT/HT power cables
- Instrumentation
- Railways
- Automotive
- Coaxial cables
- LAN - Cat 5, 5E, 6
- Optical fiber
- Molding
- Industrial

- IS (Indian)
- BS (British)
- VDE 0207 (German)
- CEI 20-11 (Italian)
- IEC 332-1,2,3
- JIS (Japanese)
- Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

IS Standards:
- IS 5831
- IS 1554
- IS 694

- A
- B
- C (850C)
- C (1050C)
- ST-1
- ST-2
- FR-Insulation
- FR ST-1
- FR ST-2
- FRLS-Insulation
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