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  Seller Kadakia Plastics & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


PVC - (Virgin)


Moulding and Extrusion




Flexible PVC Compounds for Automotive Industry:
Kadakia Plastics has a full range of flexible PVC compounds that meets the performance and cost requirement of automotive industry. Our streamlined operation allows our automotive customers to take advantage of the just in time deliveries of products for inventory & cost controls.

Our product line includes molding and extrusion compounds, which are successfully used in interior, exterior and under the hood applications.

- AV, AVS, AVSS wiring harness
- Sleeves
- Door trims
- Flexible profile extrusion
- Fuel tubes
- Horn pads
- Molded knobs

- Weather-strips
- Roof garnish
- Quarter glass profiles
- Profile end molding

- IS
- Underwriters laboratory (UL)

KPC manufactured its first PVC compounds in 1973. Since then we have matured to be the leading supplier of PVC compounds in India. Today we supply hundreds of specialty products for extrusion, molding and other processes. Our compounds are available in both, natural and pre-colored form as per customer requirements.
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