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Ref. No. : RMS – 47 - Seller of PVC

  Seller Kadakia Plastics & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


PVC - (Virgin)


Profiles and Moulding




Flexible PVC Compounds for Profiles and Moulding:
Kadakia Plastic's products serve a variety of end use applications such as hose, sleeving, extruded profiles, injection molded articles etc. If one of our standard compounds does not meet your needs, we will custom formulate the product that best fits your application.

- Complex profiles and shapes
- Sleeving
- Hose tubing
- Tapes and fiber coating

- Electrical plugs
- Handles
- Intricate parts

KPC manufactured its first PVC compounds in 1973. Since then we have matured to be the leading supplier of PVC compounds in India. Today we supply hundreds of specialty products for extrusion, molding and other processes. Our compounds are available in both, natural and pre-colored form as per customer requirements.
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