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  Seller Kadakia Plastics & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


PVC - (Virgin)


Medical and Non-toxic Products




Flexible PVC Compounds for Medical and Non-toxic Products:
Kadakia Plastics is manufacturer of flexible PVC compounds designed to meet the stringent demands of medical device, food processing and other non-toxic applications.

Years of formulating experience has enabled us to produce medical compound which are superior in quality.
- Good early color
- Good long term stability
- Good clarity
- Low water blush
- Pass USP class VI and Cyto-Toxicity testing
- Kink resistance
- Consistency in hardness
- No fisheyes
- Exudation resistance

Our range of product includes compounds for both extrusion and molding applications:
- Clear and opaque compounds
- Non DEHP compounds
- Non phthalate compounds
- Gamma stable compounds

- Blood transport tubing
- Dialysis systems
- Oxygen delivery systems
- Drainage systems
- Adaptors
- Valves
- Connectors
- Drip chambers
- Syringe bulbs

KPC manufactured its first PVC compounds in 1973. Since then we have matured to be the leading supplier of PVC compounds in India. Today we supply hundreds of specialty products for extrusion, molding and other processes. Our compounds are available in both, natural and pre-colored form as per customer requirements.
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