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PVC - (Virgin)


Appliances, Automotive, Footwear, Hose and Tubing, Building and Construction, Cables




PVC Alloys and Blends:
The flexible PVC products are nowadays subjected to very demanding service conditions that limit their long-term usefulness. The shortcomings associated with the use of conventional PVC compounds can be overcome by addition of different polymer such as Nitrile rubber. Other polymers such as Thermoplastic Urethane and Olefinic copolymers are also used to impart special properties in PVC.

PVC / Nitrile:
The PVC / Nitrile blends can improve the following properties of flexible PVC compounds:
- Oil, solvent, gas and fat resistance
- Abrasion resistance, tensile and tear strength
- Anti-skid
- Compression set
- Plasticizer migration and extraction
- Low temperature flexibility after aging
- Provides a rubber like appearance and feel to PVC

1) Appliances:
- Refrigerator gaskets
- Seals

2) Automotive:
- Gear shift boots and knobs
- Window seals
- Dust guard
- Carpet

3) Footwear
- Upper
- Soiling

4) Hose and tubing
- Compressed air hose
- Fuel line hose

5) Building and construction
- Co-extruded gaskets
- Weather strips

6) Cables
- Arc welding
- Appliance
- Industrial
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